INTELI's work in this strategic area aims to contribute to an integrated economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the territories, through the support of the public policies and strategies of local actors in the areas of knowledge, creativity, sustainability and social innovation.

INTELI has a wide range of expertise on research and policy analysis, design of innovative proposals, creation of assessment indicators and diagnostic, benchmarking and strategic planning that allow it to develop integrated projects, with a multiplier effect for the socio-economic sustainability of cities.

At the international level, INTELI cooperates with a wide range of cites in different countries such as Spain, Italy, UK, France, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland and Brazil. At the national level, INTELI has developed a systematic collaboration with the Portuguese authorities, namely with local administration, either in a formal or informal way.

Areas of intervention

CULTURE & CREATIVITY: Encouraging innovation in the cultural and creative sector for the development of cities and regions, within a logic of articulation between urban regeneration and economic and social revitalization.

URBAN SUSTAINABILITY: Promoting the sustainability of cities and regions in terms of mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energies, construction materials and techniques, and water and waste management.

SOCIAL INNOVATION: Fostering institutional innovation and social development, locally and regionally, with the objective of building a more transparent, fair and supportive society, with a strong sense of citizenship.



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