Creative Clusters in Low Density Urban Areas



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the creative brief:

Creativity can function as a driver for the economic development of low density urban areas and not only of big cities and metropolis. This concept was the starting assumption of the Creative Clusters' project implemented during the last 3 years (2008-2011) by a European partnership.

INTELI as a knowledge partner participated both in the public discussion period of the Green paper "Unlocking the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries" of the EC (June 2010) and in the production of public recommendations for the definition and adoption of creativity-based strategies.

The "Creative-based Strategies in Small and Medium-sized Cities: Guidelines for Local Authorities" includes the theoretical framework on the role of the creative economy for territorial development and a set of case studies from Europe, USA and Canada. The document also proposes public recommendations for the definition and implementation of creativity-based strategies in small cities.


To promote the exchange of experiences, the identification and dissemination of good practices and the
proposal of policy recommendations and action plans associated with the development of creative clusters in small and medium-sized towns.

To support decision-makers at regional, national and European level in the definition of strategies and programmes centred on the creative economy.


LOCAL DYNAMICS: Each partner city produced a Local Action Plan with the help of a Local Support Group
integrated by local stakeholders.

NETWORK DYNAMICS: The partners participated in a joint learning itinerary integrated by conferences, thematic workshops, study visits, mayors' summits, etc.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS: During project implementation there were developed several communication materials with a European scope. INTELI produced 10 Creative Brief newsletters with the main results of the project, interviews with the city mayors and other relevant information to support the decision-making process of public policies at national and European level.


Municipality of Óbidos, Municipality of Reggio Emilia (IT), Municipality of Barnsley (UK), Municipality of Enguera (SP), Municipality of Viareggio (IT), Municipality of Mizil (RO), Municipality of Hódmezövásárhely  (HUN), Municipality of Jyväskylä (Finland).

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