INTELI has an active intervention in the energy and sustainability area.
Therefore, INTELI has developed both a relevant knowledge base about this sector and the capacity of dealing with different types of stakeholders, in order to create value.

Strategic Areas

INTELLIGENCE: INTELI has a strong intelligence base for energy (market and technologies evolution and trends; political and legal framework in Portugal and in Europe)

EXPERIENCE: INTELI has a broad experience in the planning, implementation and management of complex programs, including European projects (such as the FP7). INTELI has deep knowledge in areas such as renewable energy, energy markets, promotion of energy efficiency in economic sectors and territories, and electromobility.

NETWORKING: INTELI has built a sound network of partners in multiple areas - private companies, government agencies, software and equipment producers, universities and engineering centers. Therefore, INTELI has the capacity to intervene in multiple fora.

TURNING KNOWLEDGE INTO VALUE: INTELI develops and implements strategies that create value.


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