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SMART CITIES Portugal aims to develop innovative and integrated urban solutions, enhance the participation of Portuguese cities and companies in the smart cities market, affirming the image of Portugal as a space for design, production and testing of products and services for smart cities. 

The urgency of an intelligent vision for the urban territories joined national companies, universities, financial partners and public entities such as AICEP. INTELI, with the support of the RENER network, assumed a leverage role for the project launch.

Smart Cities market is rapidly growing, presenting itself as an opportunity for Portuguese companies that develop and produce innovative solutions. Portugal has favorable conditions to develop an intelligent and competitive network:

  • RENER - Living Lab for Urban Innovation, a network that involves 25 cities, all over the country, with good practices, and smart projects in the mobility, energy and sustainability fields.
  • Companies with smart skills to develop innovative urban solutions
  • Universities and research centers with expertise in strategic areas.

In fact, the smart cities market requires multidisciplinary skills and ability to integrate solutions and systems, particularly in structural areas such as energy, mobility and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Since May, INTELI has an ongoing a project co-financed by COMPETE, that promotes opportunities related to the market of smart cities, focusing on internationalization and urban entrepreneurship. In this context, INTELI took over the coordination of Smart Cities Portugal, making the connection between the municipalities that take part of RENER Network, other local authorities, strategic partners (companies, industries, banks) and universities. 


INTELI is a private non-profit organization aimed at developing smart, sustainable and inclusive territories.

The Pole of Competitiveness and Technology - Mobility Industries (CEIIA / Mobility PCT) develops its activity around the research, design, development, manufacture and test of products and services in the mobility industries.

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster has as mission the development of materials and technologies that enable new performances at the energy and environmental levels and respect the natural resources, through the mobilization of different stakeholders.

The Pole of Competitiveness and Technology - Energy intends to foster technological development and innovation in the energy sector, with an emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency, innovative entrepreneurship and modernization of the Portuguese industry.

The Pole of Competitiveness and Technology - has as global strategy to build a network to mobilize the main actors related to technologies of information, communication and electronics in the processes of innovation, R&D, knowledge transfer, advanced training, development, production and marketing of products and services and internationalization.

Smart Cities Portugal is also committed with high level technological companies in the international context, such as SIEMENS, IBM, ORACLE and INDRA.

Smart Cities Portugal Roadmap

Smart Cities Portugal Roadshow

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