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Transparency is intrinsically linked to INTELI's mission. It is an activity area, but also a goal in itself. More transparency means a more involved civil society, a better democracy and a more efficient economy.

In recent years, INTELI has been addressing this area, focusing its activity in the study of the risks associated with lack of transparency, such as corruption, and the ways to strengthen and make more transparent the institutional processes. INTELI has been, also, analyzing the lack of transparency impact, especially on their costs and their effect on the generation of poverty.

One of the first study areas was the defense. The military procurement processes and their offsets have been analyzed to identify weaknesses and recommend changes to improve transparency and mitigate the risk of misuse, such as corruption.
Developing monitoring and preventive mechanisms and effective tools for the sustainable promotion of transparency and integrity, particularly in the private sector is also a priority for INTELI in this field.

Strategic Areas

RESEARCH - Knowledge development on transparency and fighting corruption areas

ADVOCACY - Participation in decision making processes on fighting corruption, based on intelligence and knowledge

COMPLIANCE PROMOTION - Promotion of compliance practices on business, disclosing it potential in terms of the reputational and operational risks mitigation

PARTNERSHIPS - Collaboration with national and international institutions on the development of knowledge and expertise on transparency, corporate governance and fight corruption and bribery


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